How To Earn Money From Herb Farming – A Complete Guide

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herb farming

Growing herbs in your backyard are quite an overwhelming idea to make a handsome amount of money. Herb farming is one profitable business in 2021. Herbs are not only used in foods; many handmade cosmetics companies are also utilizing herbs to make cosmetics, soap, oil, etc.

 Many people are growing herbs in their vegetable gardens for using these in their kitchen. The herb farming business is way more fruitful when you practically start selling these green leafy plants in your local market places. To generate good revenue, you only have to connect with the local vendors or the neighborhood restaurants.

Herb farming is a good profitable business; hence you can practice your backyard hobby-making practices to turn into your business. And this is the best business concerning the benefits of the natural ingredients. Indeed more people are getting involved in living their lives healthier.

Items Required To Start Herb Business

Herb farming is not only a profitable business. This is a very easy low maintenance farm. And the most attractive part of this business is for starting the herb farming business, a very small area is required. Also, you can begin farming in the tub. 

This flexibility is making these businesses more suitable for the class of the people. Even many business entrepreneurs are more focusing on the herb business as their second source of income. 

The Primary necessary items required to start an herb business

  • 44 inch by 30 feet soil bed or you can choose 7 inches of multiple numbers of pots.
  • At least 500 pots are required to start herb farming.
  • Topsoil is required at least 8 to 7 cubic feet
  • 13 cubic feet of volcanic grass
  • 8 to 9 cubic feet finely graded sand
  • 12 to 13 cubic feet of peat moss
  • 10 to 11 pounds of dolomite lime
  • 10 to 13 pounds dry chemical-free fertilizer
  • Lightweight garden tools.
  • The hardcore works are needed before the plantation of the trees. After the plantation, the lightweight garden tools are quite effective in doing the perfect job. 

8 Most Profitable Herbs To Start  Herb Farming Business

All herb business is profitable, but most of the time, the herbs easily maintainable are becoming popular. Fresh herbs are always profitable sellable products.

Here is the name of the eight popular herbs which are easily maintainable, and you can start farming within a very small garden bed.

1. Parsley

Parsley is one of the popular herbs which is widely used in different kinds of salad and foods. The parsley’s beautiful fresh fragrance is so loving that the parsley is using the edible garnishing leaf in many savory dishes. Parsley is popular from the starting of mankind, and these small thin leaves are filled with vitamin C.

Cultivation time of the Parsley: 

Spring to late summer

Time Span:

60 to 80 days are required to get in the sellable stage

2. Chamomile

Chamomile is a very charming-looking herb. The beautiful daisy-looking flower is not only profitable for the herb farming business. These herbs are adding more beautification to your farming garden. From the very beginning, the tea with the chamomile flowers flavors is becoming very popular because of the health benefits. These herbs are getting very popular in 2021 for the presence of antioxidants. 

Cultivation time of the Chamomile: 

Spring And Summer

Time Span: 

50 to 85 days are required to get to the full-grown stage.

3. Oregano

Oregano is a member of the mint family. The dried oregano is used for its slightly bitter taste. These dried leaves are full of fragrances. These herbs are widely used in Italian cuisines for their slightly bitter taste, and these flavors are unforgettable. The popularity of the Oregano is growing as the pizzas, making oregano the most profitable herb for herb farming.

Cultivation time of the Oregano: 

A warm climate is suitable for the oregano cultivation

Time Span: 

80 to 90 days are required to get to the full-grown stage.

4. Catnip

Catnip is the dream garden for the cats. But do you know these catnips are good sellable items? Many companies who are making toys for pets are purchasing the catnip from the herb farmers. This is another gorgeous option for your herb garden. The light green or lavender color flowers are looking adorable. The dried form of the catnips is used in the cat toys.

Cultivation time of the Catnip: 

Spring and Fall season.

Time Span: 

50 to 100 days is the ultimate time to get in the sellable stage.

5. Chives

Chives are edible herbs that belong in the onion and garlic family. It looks like a spring onion, but the smell is different. The vibrant purple flower on the top is giving your vegetable garden a flowery garden-like look. The long green stamps are filled with non-pungent flavor.

Because of their mild smell, the green stems are used in many egg and potato dishes.

Cultivation time of the Chivas: 

Spring-Summer is the perfect season to grow Chives

Time Span:

80 to 135 days are required to be in the full bloom state

6. Cilantro

Cilantro or the Coriander is the different name of the same plant. You only have to give 2 to 3 months to reach the state of the full boom. The tropical countries are the best place to grow these herbs, but the cold countries do not make any difference for the herb farming business in the summer. This is a fast-growing herb that only needs 40 to 45 days to see the fully-grown Cilantro.

Cultivation time of the Cilantro:

Hot Summer and drained soil

Time Span: 

70 to 80 days is the ultimate time to be in the full bloom state.

7. Lavender

Lavender is popular because of its beautiful smell. Many cosmetics companies are purchasing fresh lavenders to make the lavender essential oil. And in many cosmetics products, the fragrance of the lavenders is used. The lavender flowers are small purple followers. And these small purple flowers are easily maintainable. You have to invest less, and the outcomes from these herbs are very profitable.

Cultivation time of the Lavender: 

Fall is the perfect season, and well-drained soils are the primary requirements for these herbs.

Time Span: 

Three months, June to August, is the perfect time to bloom the lavenders.

8. Marshmallow

Marshmallow is an herb that is another profitable herb for the business of herb farming. A marshmallow is a small white flower with many health benefits. These plants are widely used for medicinal purposes to recover from cough and cold. The dried roots of the plant are used in medicine to recover from stomach pain and digestion help.

Cultivation time of the Marshmallow: 

Sunny summer, early spring weather, and moist soil is the perfect spot to grow these niche looking herbs.

Time Span:

These herbs take a little longer time to grow. If you want to sell the plant’s dried roots, you have to wait for at least the whole season. In the sunny summer weather is present all over the year, you can wait for two or three years. But if your herb garden is in a very cold area, then summer is the only season when you can grow these herbs on your farm.

Bottom Line:

Herb farming business is one of the most profitable jobs for second sources of income in 2021. The exotic fruits from the herbs are all the most profitable business. The popularity of the herbs is repeatedly growing as the multiple health benefits of the herbs.

Agriculture farming is a very time-consuming process, and you can not start it with small garden beds. But herb farming is the most profitable farming business as you only have to invest very little in your business, and within just three months, you can see the face of profits.


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