One Reality Check, Please!: 5 Hard-to-Swallow Life Lessons You’ll Learn in College

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It’s typical for young, hopeful first-year students to eagerly leap into the arms of their university when the time comes to move away from home.

However, more often than not, college life’s harsh realities become abundant as the freshman glow dies down after the first few grueling weeks.

For many college newbies, the prospect of juggling school work, social life, and financial responsibilities are overwhelming. Scrounging up rent and tuition money while managing multiple course loads is a tough adjustment for students living independently for the first time.

As a result, students often struggle with time management, potentially falling behind.

However, transitioning from high school home life to an independent university experience is ripe with valuable lessons. Regardless of whether the takeaways are profound or straightforward, many young folks emerge from college with a well-earned degree and a newfound sense of self.

The personal connections you make and the experiences you have will shape the path of your adulthood. Set yourself up for success by preparing for the hard-earned life lessons you’ll gain during your college career.

Debunking the college-is-a-waste-of-money myth

Attending a university is more than paying the big bucks to listen to boring lectures. Deciding to delve into college life is a long-term self-investment. In addition to receiving an advanced education in your specialized field, the connections you make with others during college will become invaluable during your adulthood.

There are several reasons high-school grads choose to forgo higher education. Whether it’s a desire to enter the job market right away, uncertainty surrounding degree paths, or fear of sub-par grades, young adults have their fair share of deterrents.

However, concerned high-school seniors shouldn’t fret as there are numerous alternative options for struggling graduates. For folks in the bad-grade camp, test-optional college campuses offer a one-way ticket to higher education for those concerned about grades or standardized testing requirements.

You’ll drift away from old friends

You’ll drift away from old friends

A challenging aspect for first-year students fresh out of high school is the distance that develops between you and your friends from home. Though many continue relationships with high school friends post-graduation, some find themselves drifting away as they make new friendships and grow into fresh relationships.

Although losing touch with hometown friends is bittersweet, many find life-long bonds along the way.

Procrastination is a killer

Procrastination is a killer

Procrastinating school work has been the adversary of students since the dawn of time. The urge to skip class or put off an assignment is more tempting in college settings because of increased freedom and substandard time management skills.

Distractions are limitless while at school, and ditching lectures, delaying homework, and avoiding much-needed study time could quickly become a bad habit if left unchecked.

Ensure you’re fostering reliable practices throughout your college experience to guarantee your tuition money is well-spent.

Failure may occur (but it’s not the end of the world)

Failure may occur (but it’s not the end of the world)

For young perfectionists heading into college life, the possibility of failing a course is a dark, distressing thought. However, you’ll need to prepare yourself for this possibility if you want to succeed. While failure is a tough pill to swallow, it’s essential to learn humility and manage expectations.

Don’t be too anxious if you get an F on one difficult statistics final. Instead, turn your mishap into a growth experience and learn from your mistakes.

It will go by faster than you think

Many college graduates will tell you they can’t believe how quickly their university days flew by. There will be times when school feels never-ending.

However, in the grand scheme of your life, your time at college is only a small blip. To evade the whirlwind of university life, take a moment to step back and be present because the older you get, the faster time passes by.

Final thoughts:

The transition from high school to college can be challenging and uncertain.

However, by adequately preparing and managing high expectations, you can squeeze out every ounce of fun and excitement from your university career and learn valuable life lessons along the way.

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