Did You Know Having A Pool In Arizona Could Increase Your Home Value?

Home Improvement by  Sumona 28 January 2022

Pool In Arizona

For many, a pool In Arizona is a luxury that adds an excellent addition to the home and lets you relax in the warmer months. What most people don’t know, however, is that a pool can add a great deal of value to your home.

Though your pool will cost you maintenance repairs, and the insurance you will need, you will find that many people look for a well-maintained pool in Arizona when buying their next home. Remember, no one will want to buy a home with ill-maintained areas.

How The Pandemic Has Affected Sales

When you have a pandemic like the one we have faced in the past few years, you expect that things will change. The prices of homes have been affected, but more importantly, it has changed what people want.

Because everyone has been staying inside, many home buyers are now seeking a pool in Arizona to continue to stay inside. The reasoning behind that thought process is that you don’t have to go anywhere, pay high prices for parks or things of that nature, and you can spend more time with your family.

How Where You Live Affects The Spike

How Where You Live Affects The Spike

Research has shown that in areas where you can use your pool all year long, you will find that people are more serious about buying them. In these areas, you will see that houses that offer a pool have far less availability because they are in such high demand.

Studies have also shown that if you live in a warmer area such as Arizona, you can experience an increase in the value of your home because more coastal areas or higher-end will allow pool properties to spike in price over regions that are not.

Buckeye AZ Homes For Sale With A Pool

Buckeye AZ homes for sale with pools are sought after because the area has excellent views and diversity between single-family homes or homes with below-ground pools and backyard options. With the homes in this area, you will notice that the prices range from three hundred thousand to just under a million; you will find something for everyone that allows you to stay within your budget but find the home you want.

On average, the houses here have four bedrooms with three bathrooms, although you can easily find two-bedroom homes if that is too much space for you. However, the exciting thing is that in some cases, you will find that you can find a four to five-bedroom home for a much lower price than a two-bedroom.

The Value That A Pool Will Add

The Value That A Pool Will Add

When you wonder how much value your home will have with a pool, you will be delighted to discover that research has proven that there is an eight to ten percent increase in value.

Other studies that have been performed have shown that a pool can add anywhere from twelve thousand to ninety-six thousand dollars in value to your home. That number changes drastically depending on the level of care you have put into your home.

For example, if your pool is clean and kept up, you could see a significant increase. If, on the other hand, you have let it get dirty and bacteria-infested, you will know that it could decrease the value of your home exponentially. The best thing to do with a pool in Arizona is to have a professional appraisal. The expert should tell you exactly how much your pool will help your home.

Getting A Pool Can Find You Buyers

When you are interested in purchasing a beautiful home, don’t skip the pool and keep in mind your target audience. If the pool needs any repair, you need to know that the cost may be more than you want to deal with. In addition to this, you should think carefully about what you want to use it for before you resell your home.

The last thing is to think about how you should prep the pool and market it to a client base that needs one. Know that the value that you can get will earn you a significant return on investment, and for many, it is worth every penny. Come to Buckeye, AZ, and find your pool in Arizona today!

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